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Metaforge Site Rules

Rules are necessary to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable time on the site. These rules will be common sense to most players, but they are listed here as a point of reference & to make them official. The rules govern all aspects of the site, including policy, game play, chat, and message board postings. Your use of the site constitutes your agreement to abide by these rules, and your acknowledgement that these rules may change at any time, with or without notice.

I. General

  1. Comply with moderator requests. Players must comply to the best of their ability with reasonable moderator requests/instructions. If a player feels a request is not reasonable, he shall still comply, but may afterwards send an email reporting the incident to
  2. No unregistered aliases. Each player may have & use one and only one account, unless each of his accounts is registered.
  3. No account sharing. Players may not give passwords of their accounts to other players, even for temporary use.
  4. No IP deception. Players may not use the site in any way via a proxy with the goal of masking their true IP address.
  5. No unregistered use past limit. Unregistered players may not make attempts to play games beyond their initial trial period games. Including but not limited to: creating new accounts, and IP deception tactics. They must register, or immediately cease game play on the site.
II. Chat/Game Chat/Message Board
  1. No personal attacks and details. No racial, ethnic, religious, sexual, age, or sexual preference slurs or discrimination. Please keep personal details private. Metaforge is not liable for personal information you willingly share with others online.
  2. No postings/chat that damage the reputation of the site. Including but not limited to: accusations of player 'cheating', non-constructive criticism of site contents, and denegration of moderators.
  3. No overuse of profanity. Includes intentional attempts to bypass the built-in profanity filter.
  4. No flooding. Excessive transmission of identical or nearly identical chat or message board text is not allowed.
  5. No stalking. Repeated messages to an unwilling recipient is not allowed.
  6. No room domination. A public discussion dominating the chat room to the extent that other normal communications between players becomes difficult is not allowed. In this case, moderators will likely instruct the discussion participants to take their discussion private, and participants must comply (see: I.1).
  7. No advertising/promotion of websites. Transmission of website addresses and/or names with the intention to promote/advertise those sites is not allowed.
III. Game
  1. Gameplay is governed by ISF Rules. Including the right to request an arbiter (moderator) if one is available.
  2. No stalling or intentional disconnecting.
  3. No chasing. As defined in ISF Rules, Section 11.
  4. No poor sportsmanship.
  5. No harrassment. This includes repeatedly joining a player's game when he/she has asked you not to do so.
  6. No rating manipulation. Players may not engage in deceitful play in order to enhance their rating. Including but not limited to: playing against themselves, or intentionally losing/drawing games.
  7. No scouting setups/tactics. A player may not watch games of another player solely for the purpose of learning that player's setups/tactics for his own future advantage against the player scouted. A player may not play another player with one account and then within one day play that same opponent with another of his accounts.
  8. Game result modification. A player may make a request to any moderator to modify the results of a game. The moderator may grant that request if both players agree, or if in his objective view the request has merit. A moderator shall not modify results of a game in which he was a player.
  9. Moderators honor non-viewable. Moderators shall not view games not marked as publicly viewable without the permission or request of one of the game players.

The Admins may be contacted if players seem to go against these rules, and appropriate action may be taken at any time. Players failing to comply with rules will receive warnings including but not limited to: temporary chat block, temporary play block, and/or temporary account closure as appropriate pending admin review. Upon review, or in emergency to preserve the site, actions may be taken up to and including account closure and suspension or banning from the site for serious offenses.

Admins have final say in interpretation and enforcement of the rules. The rules may be changed at any time without notice other than changing this rules posting. Please email admin 'at' with any complaints or concerns. Refunds are not given for any reason.

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