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Brigade Setup Editor

Important: Do NOT save or delete any setups in the Setup Editor while you are logged into the game server! This could cause unintended consequences.

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The Setup Editor allows registered players to manipulate their setups in a non-game environment, meaning the pressures of time are alleviated. Only the Save and Delete buttons actually make changes to your setups on the server.

The editor allows the following functions:

Save Saves the current setup in the setup zone to your setup list on the server. If an empty slot is currently selected, you must specify a name for the setup in the Save As box. If a non-empty slot is selected, the selected setup will be overwritten.
Delete Deletes the currently selected setup from your setup list on the server. You will be asked to confirm the delete by clicking the Delete button again. If the delete succeeds, the setup zone will be cleared and the setup will be removed from your list.
Clear Removes all pieces from the setup zone and places them in the graveyard.
Reload Reloads the currently selected setup into the setup zone. This is useful if you load a setup, begin to modify it, and then desire to restore the original version.
H Flip Flips the pieces currently in the setup zone horizontally.
V Flip Flips the pieces currently in the setup zone vertically.
Random Places any pieces in the graveyard randomly into the setup zone. This can be useful if you place important pieces where you want, and then don't particularly care about where the rest are placed.
Quit Quits the Setup Editor. Any unsaved changes will be lost, so be sure to save your work first.