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Creating a Game

Before you click on the "Create Game" button, located on the far left of the button tool bar underneath the game list, be sure to select which game mode, configuration, and options you want to play with. Create Game


  • Classic (CLS). The original game mode from the traditional board game. Each player gets the familiar forty pieces to start with.
  • Barrage (BRG). A European rapid-play twist on the original game. Each player starts out with only eight pieces in this mode: marshal, general, miner, spy, bomb, two scouts, and the flag.
  • Ultimate Lightning (UL). A hybrid between Classic and Barrage, each player starts out with twenty pieces. Scouts are able to remove bombs, and captains can move two spaces at a time. Selecting Ultimate Lightning mode turns on Agression, One-Time Bombs, and Range Attack options by default, but you can manually turn those options off if you wish.
  • Peloton (PEL). This mode is very similar to Barrage, but adds an additional bomb and miner. Having two bombs allows the flag to be completely blocked in by bombs if it is placed in a corner, thus the miners become more valuable than in Barrage.
  • Rock-Paper-Scissors (RPS) This variant mimics the childhood game. The pieces include 3 Sergeants, 3 Miners, and 3 Bombs. As an added twist, the bombs are allowed to move. The idea is that no piece is more valuable than any other - a sergeant defeats a miner, miner defeats a bomb, and bomb defeats a sergeant.


The following configuration options are available for registered players.
  • Publicly Viewable. Whether other players will be able to watch your game. Simply select "Yes" or "No".
  • Password. If you want to create a game where only your friends can join, you can enter a password into the Password field before starting the game. Then send a private message to your friends to let them know the password, and make sure they enter it in the password box before having them join your game.
  • Turn Timeout. To keep play flowing smoothly, the default turn timeout is sixty seconds. Use this control to adjust it. Be warned though: if a player doesn't make a move within the timeout period he loses his turn. Even worse: if any player loses two turns in a row, he forfeits.
  • Registered Only. If you want to allow only other registered players to join your game, then select this configuration.
  • Game Aids. If you want to allow tracking of pieces that have been seen and move, then select this configuration.
  • Unranked. If selected, the game will not count towards your RPI and KRACH ranking, nor will it go in your win/loss record. This gives you a chance to try out some strategies or play an exhibition game.
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