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The object of Brigade is to capture your opponent's flag. Each player starts with a set of 40 tiles of varying rank. The opponent's tiles are hidden from view and are only revealed when two pieces on opposing sides contact each other on the same square. The weaker piece is then removed from the game. The game ends when the flag has been captured or no side can defeat the other. An example of a stalemate occuring would be when all players have flags surrounded by bombs and no players have any Miners remaining. The status bar in the lower left of the window will indicate when it is your turn. You will have 1.5 minutes to make a move before you lose your turn. If your turn is lost three times in a row, you will automatically forfeit the game. If you are playing from Windows, a helpful feature is the "alt+tab" combination to toggle between the Game window and the Chat Window.

The Board

Setting Up

After going to the game set up screen, there will be a thin colored box (4x10) around your setup area. Click on the screen shot to the right to take a look. To set up your pieces, first click on a tile in your color's tray. The status bar in the lower left of the window will indicate which piece you have selected. Click on a square within your setup area to put it down. Once you have placed all your pieces, you must click on "Done setup" before the game can begin.

The board setup can also be saved for future use by clicking on the "save default" on the game chat window. If you have a saved configuration, simply click on "load default" to bring it up.


With the exception of the Scout (9), Bomb, and Flag, pieces are allowed to move 1 square either up, down, left, or right during your turn. The Scout may move as many squares as desired in one direction, but it may not move more than two squares and attack in the same turn. Diagonal moves are not allowed by any piece and movement is restricted to land (green tiles). Bombs and Flags may not move.

If a player has no moveable pieces, then they will automatically forfeit. A piece is not allowed to move between the same two squares in five consecutive turns. A scout may not move back & forth within the same start/end range in five consecutive turns.

Killing Priorities

When two pieces contact each other on the same square, the player with the lower number will kill the one with the higher number. For example, if a General (2) walks into a Captain (5), then the Captain would be sent to the graveyard. If pieces of equal rank engage each other, both will die. Additionally, there are a few special cases. The Spy (S) is the only piece in the game which can kill the Marshal (1), but ONLY if the Spy attacks first. The Spy cannot defeat any other unit. Any unit, except for the Miners (8), that runs into a bomb will be killed. If a Miner uncovers a bomb, the bomb is destroyed. If a player is killed by a bomb, the bomb remains in the game.

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