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ChatRoom Image
After logging into the game, you will enter the Brigade Chatroom. From there, you may talk with others in the room or join a game. Click on the "thumbnail" to your right for a preview of the Chatroom. Keep your eye on the status bar in the lower left corner of the window for various messages.

Communicating with Other Users

Player list
The right side of the chatroom contains a list of players. Each player typically has a flag to the left of his name to indicate his country. The player's record is shown in parenthesis as Wins-Losses-Ties. A player's country indicates the following:
  • Black = active
  • Grey = idle
  • Blue = currently playing in a game
  • Green = site moderator
  • Red = site administrator
A player listed in BOLD is a registered site member, whereas non-bold is a trial member.
Players can be sorted using the buttons at the bottom of the player list. The sort can be: alphabetical, by country, by login time, or by role. Highlighting a player and clicking the "Profile" icon below the player list will bring up that player's profile webpage.
To block incoming messages, send an audible buzz, or leave feedback with regards to a specific player, mouse over the player's name and right click. A menu will appear which allows you to select these various options. Right Click
To see another player's rankings, simply move your mouse over the player's name in the list. Rankings will be shown at the bottom of the screen. Ranking
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