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ChatRoom Image
After logging into the game, you will enter the Brigade Chatroom. From there, you may talk with others in the room, join a game, or create a game. Click on the "thumbnail" to your right for a preview of the Chatroom. Keep your eye on the status bar in the lower left corner of the window for various messages.

Interacting with Ongoing Games

Game list
The left side of the chatroom contains a list of games, beginning with the name of the game owner. Each game has an indicator to the left it to indicate its current state. The color of the indicator dots translate to the following:
  • Grey = Open to Join
  • Red = Setting Up
  • Green = Started
A game listed in BOLD is a game that is open to be joined, whereas non-bold is a game already full. Game mode is also listed in parenthesis (more on that later). If a game has a * indicator at the end, it means that the game is password protected. Chat directly with the game's owner if you wish to join.
Games can be sorted using the buttons at the bottom of the player list. The sort can alphabetically or by status. Highlighting a game and clicking the "Info" icon below the game list will bring up an information window about the selected game.
To find out more information about a game, you can mouse over a game and look at its options in the lower left status bar. You can also double click on a game and an information window will appear, showing the players involved, options, current number of turns elapsed, and other information.

Information within the Game Info Window can be updated by clicking the 'Refresh' button.

Next we'll discuss how to join, watch, and exit a game...

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