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Game Chat Window
[Game Chat Window]

Real-time Game Chat

  • 2-Player Games. To send a message to your opponent, enter your message in the "outgoing message" field, then hit the ENTER key.
  • If you are watching a game, you may send messages to everybody in the game or you can also send private messages to individual players. To send a public message, enter your text in the outgoing message box, then click on "Broadcast". To send private messages, click on the check box next to the recipient's name, enter your message, then click on "Transmit".

Piece Buyback

If you have sufficient funds, you may select a piece in your graveyard which you have lost and buy it back. The tile may be placed on any tile in your original starting zone that is not covered by another piece. Buying a piece back will take a full turn. See the Unit Table for the Value and Cost of each soldier. This feature is configured when the game is created.

Requesting a Draw

If the game looks like it will end up in a stalemate, you may suggest a Draw. The other player(s) will be offered a choice on whether or not to accept the draw. If all players accept, everyone will have a tie added to their record and the game will return to the Chatroom. You may only request a draw at most 3 times per game.

Requesting a Break

If duty calls in real life, you may request a break. Type the number of minutes you need a break for in the chat window (between 1 and 30), and click the 'Break Request' button. Your opponent will receive your request, and may either reject or accept. You may only request a break at most 3 times per game.


If you want to leave the game for any reason, click on this button. A loss will be recorded to your record and you will be returned to the chat room. Players that forfeit the game or are eliminated will have their pieces removed from the game.

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