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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How can I play?
A: There are two ways to play at Metaforge: 1) using the Stand Alone Program that launches the application from your desktop and 2) playing the "Applet" version using internet explorer or Firefox @ Brigade is written using the Java programming language. For best performance, users should be using the latest version of Java (available at or Metaforge. There is a reminder that pops up at login notifying you if you are using an older version of Java when you login.

Q: What is this "standalone" version I hear about?
A: The stand alone version installs the software on your computer. It is therefore faster to start up, has better graphics, and can save some preference settings locally on your hard drive that the applet cannot since it is downloaded anew each time you play. The stand alone version is also more stable because it does not rely on the stability of the browser.

Once you install the standalone, you will see a Marshal quick launch icon placed on your desktop. To launch the program, simply double click this icon. The standalone also installs some lauch points into your Start->Programs menu, and you can also start the program my clicking there.

Q: I just downloaded the standalone version, but it won't connect. What's wrong?
A: Be sure to set the server to Port should be set to 2223.

Q: The game is great, but I'd like to know what new features are planned. Can I find out?
A: Sure, just keep an eye on the message board for news.

Q: How do I get started? Can you send me a password?
A: First, you need to get an account (login name and password) set up. Read the instructions found on the Introduction page, then click on the Login Here icon to start playing.

Q: Do I have to pay to play? Is Brigade free?
A: You do not have to pay to play your first 25 games. However, you need to purchase a subscription after that. You will have access to additional features that unregistered players do not enjoy.

Q: Do I have to give my credit card number?
A: No. Simply click on the Login button on the front page and create an account. You only need to provide payment information when you are ready to subscribe with a Registered Account. We also offer payment via PayPal.

Q: I want/need to cancel my subscription - how do I do it?
A: Just login to you PayPal account. You can cancel there by referring to your subscription ID and choosing to cancel it.

Q: Is it possible to play Brigade if I am an AOL user?
A: Sure. As long as you have a Java 1.5 (or greater) compatible browser, you shouldn't have any problems. We recommend using Firefox or Internet Explorer if the AOL browser is not working.

Q: Why hasn't my password arrived yet?
A: Please make sure you have submitted your true e-mail address correctly. We received many inquiries where the email they registered did not match the email of their inquiry.

Q: Are there rules of conduct/terms of usage for playing on the site?
A: Yes. The rules are posted here.

Q: Can I download Brigade and play it with my friends?
A: Yes! Brigade can only be played while connected to the internet. So yes, this is the goal of the game - to play against other people over the internet.

Q: Can I play against the computer?
A: Yes, we have several computer players (called "bots") playing on the site. Their names start with "ProbeBot" and have a number at the end, such as ProbeBot1.

Q: How do I clear my browser's disk/memory cache?
In Firefox 1.5+:
  1. Click the (T)ools pull down menu and select Options....
  2. Click on the "Cache" tab on the right hand side.
  3. Click the "Clear Cache Now" button.
  4. Click the "OK" button.
In Internet Explorer 6.0+:
  1. Click the (T)ools pull down menu and select Internet (O)ptions.
  2. Click on the tab marked General and look at the middle of the window.
  3. Where it says "Temporary Internet Files", click on the Delete Files button.
  4. Check the "Delete all offline content" checkbox.
  5. Click the "OK" button.
  6. Click the "OK" button in the "Internet Options" window.
  7. Close your brower and restart it.
Note: You can customize your cache settings by clicking on the "Settings" button.

Q: How are the rankings calculated?
A: RPI is a weighted average of your win %, your opponents' win %, and your opponents' opponents' win %. The more you win, and the higher quality of the opponents you play against, the more your RPI will rise. KRACH is a non-linear ranking system originally invented to rank college hockey teams. Read more about it here. KRACH is the official ranking of the site.

Q: Can I have more than one account?
A: You can have more than one registered account, but only if ALL of the accounts are registered separately. It is illegal to have more than one unregistered account (a locked out account which has used up all of its trial games still counts as an account), or to have a registered account and any unregistered accounts. This is a violation of the license agreement, and the same as stealing. Any user found to have more than one account without a separate registration subscription for each account will have all accounts immediately terminated. Please be honest, obey the law, and register your accounts.

Q: Can I change my account name? Can I reset my record?
A: If you are a registered user and wish to reset your record, simply login to your profile page and click on the "Reset Record" button. We do not change account names any longer, sorry. But you can always buy a separate registration subscription for the new account name.

Q: Who/What is MarshalBot?
A: He is an automated software "bot" capable of chatting with users. To talk to him, highlight his name, type your message in the message box, and click "Transmit". Don't forget to un-highlight his name to talk to other users! He occaisionally makes comments without prompting. His cousins, the ProbeBots, can play, but he does not play.

Contact Info

If after reading the documentation pages, you have questions or comments, you may e-mail us at:

We hope you enjoy the game, and remember to register!

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