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By being an affiliate you can sell Brigade from your own website. You will earn 40% of the selling price every time customer buys directly on your website, and you will still get the commission if they download the game from your website link and then go on to register at a later date.

The first thing you need to do is to sign up as a affiliate so you can receive your own unique affiliate ID. There is no cost. Use this page to sign up:

Host the Game

With a little bit of HTML, you can actually host Brigade on your own site! Why just link to it, when it can look like YOUR game? Wrap whatever graphics & appearance you want around it.

Here is the code you need:

Replace XXXXX with your RegNow affiliate ID.

Set Up

Next, you need to set up links on your website to allow potential customers to download the standalone version of Brigade. Here is an example one which will download the game and will record your affiliate ID (remember to replace the XXXXX with your own affiliate ID!) so that if they go on to register even weeks later you will still get the commission that you are owed:

To make a "Buy Now" link on your website, use this link:

This will take a customer to the order page on the website and will inform them that you are due the affiliate commission (again replace XXXXX with your affiliate ID).

If you want you can also use this link to let customers go to the Metaforge homepage, and again your affiliate ID will be recorded so any future purchases they make will earn you commission:


While links on a website are the minimum, to be effective you will likely need to be more creative. Descriptions of the program are available in the PAD file, and some graphics are provided below. Feel free to create your own promotional material, and consider alternative advertisement mechanisms, such as newsletters and permission-based emails. Give people great content, and they will buy!

Here are some tools that might help you in your sales quest:

PAD File:
Buy Link:
PCFreunde: ShareUp:

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