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Rock-Paper-Scissors Rankings
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Rank Player ELO Win % # Games # Opps
1 Flyers7   us 1929 .636 11 5
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OWin%: Opponents' average win % OOWin%: Opponents' opponents' average win % # Games: Number of games played
Opp K: Opponents' avg KRACH rating Win Ratio: (# of wins + (ties/2)) / (# of losses + (ties/2)) # Opps: Number of unique opponents
Note: For Classic/Barrage/UL/Peloton/RPS ranking, a player must play at least 25/20/10/10/10 games against at least 10/5/5/5/5 different opponents and must have played at least 10/7/3/3/3 games in the past month to be ranked. Rankings of unregistered players are calculated but not displayed.
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