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Before you click on the "Create Game" button, be sure to select which options you want to play with. Create Game


Creating games with the following options is allowed only by registered players. However, unregisterd players can join option games that already exist.
  • Range Attack. If enabled, allows scout to attack from afar. This is the default rule in some box sets, and not in others.
  • Aggression. It's easier to defend than attack. So this mode gives the attacker a little bit of a reward. If two pieces of the same rank collide, rather than sending both to the graveyard, the piece that attacked is the victor.
  • One Time Bombs. Sometimes bombs are just too powerful. With this mode enabled, any piece can remove bombs. Sure, in doing so they sacrifice themselves, but they take one for the team. Kamikaze warfare.
  • Rescue. A standard option in Ultimate Lightning, this selection is also available in other modes as well. If a player is able to move any piece other than a scout to his opponent's back row, he gets the option to recover one of his defeated pieces. The same piece can only perform one rescue, and only two rescues total are allowed per game.
  • Secrecy. To increase the challenge of the game, you may choose to play with secrecy on. What this means is, when one of your pieces comes into contact with an enemy, the enemy piece will not be revealed if your piece loses. In a regular non-secret game, the enemy tile would be revealed.
  • Complete Visibility. Think you can handle a straight out slugfest? With this option, take the uncertainty out of the game and pound it out. All pieces are visible to all players at all times. Note: this mode cannot be played at the same time secrecy mode is enabled.
  • Economy. If you select this option, you will have the opportunity to replace pieces lost during the game. For every enemy piece killed, you will earn a certain amount of cash which you may use to purchase lost pieces. You may only buy back the pieces you have lost, ie, you can't have more than 1 Marshal, 6 bombs, etc...
  • Radius Bombs. Blowing up just one piece isn't enough carnage for you? When a bomb explodes in this mode, it kills not only the unfortunate piece that attacked it, but any other pieces one square to the North, South, East, and West. (Other bombs and flags excluded)
  • Mobility. Like moving all over the board? The mobility option lets all pieces move as if they were scouts. Defeat can come quickly from afar.
  • Blitzkrieg. There's nothing like a good old fashioned killing spree! And why stop when you're on one? With this mode enabled, a player who successfully attacks an opponent's piece gets to move again. Keep on killing, and you get to keep on moving!
  • SuperSpy. With super spy mode enabled, the spy becomes an even more powerful piece. In combat, the spy can attack and kill any piece other than a bomb. Beware however, the spy is as weak as normal if he gets attacked.
  • Remain Visible. To avoid strain on the memory, and make the game slightly easier, pieces whose ranks have been revealed remain visible on the game board.
  • Visible Flag. You'll know exactly where you need to go to claim your victory. Now you just have to get there...
  • Movable Flag. With this option, players can move their flag. Obviously though, the flag cannot attack.
  • Probability Kill. Ever feel like sometimes a lowly scout should be able to get lucky and knock off a marshal? With this option, no combat is guaranteed, as a probability matrix is used to determine the outcome. Sure, it's a long shot that a scout will take out a marshal, but you just never know...
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