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In the previous section, we described the meaning of the various elements of the players list. We will now describe some of the other commands available in the chat room.

Other Chat Room Features
Metaforge maintains a message board forum where players may post and reply to topics ranging from game play to strategy, from politics to sports. It's a great place to interact with fellow site members. You can access the forum from within the game by using the Forum button shown here. Forum
After playing for a while, everyone wants to know: How good am I? Who are the best players? The site maintains rankings which are updated daily, spread into several different categories. You can access the rankings from within the game using the Rankings button shown here. Show Rankings
Want to track the latest results? Or perhaps look deep into the past and see how players have fared against one another? The Results Archive allows that and more. You can access the archive from within the game using the button shown here. Results Archive
If you have any questions while you're logged in, the Instructions are always close at hand. Use the button shown here to access them when needed. Instructions
If you haven't yet registered, Metaforge makes that easy by providing a simple in-game registration button. Click it to take you directly to our secure registration page and enjoy all the benefits of full site membership! Join Now
After a long day of playing, when you're ready to logout and rest for a while, use this familiar power button to disconnect easily from the game server. Don't do this while you're in an active game, or you will automatically forfeit. Logout Button

Next we'll discuss how to interact with games...

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